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Remember, if one has an excessively flaky or dry skin a spray tan should be avoided because that could lead to a very patchy tan. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells, which means that the tanner will dye the skin which is likely to last for a far longer period of time.Indoor tanning is a 2 billion-dollar (per annum) industry in the US alone. Consequently, this means avoiding any kind of physical activity after the tanning. This comprises of people with damaged skin, freckled skin, and scarred skin. People who have a sensitive skin should go only for water base. However, the FDA does advice on protecting one's eyes, nasal passage, and lips while inside a spray tanning booth. This chemical is being used since the past forty years and contains no known toxicity. Even Sola flower diffuser the fair-skinned people who normally turn pink than brown while tanning may benefit from a spray tan. Spray tanning makes the skin golden brown, and not orange. Safety The companies that manufacture these tans make use of FDA approved dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Do Spray tans leave an odor? Some of the products are water-based, alcohol free and scentless. This mist is normally sprayed all over the body inside a booth that can be found in several hi-end tanning salons. If somebody is extremely fair-skinned, they should not go for a very dark tan as that may look awkward and fake, irrespective of how good the product is. The basic mechanism of spray tanning involves applying a unique mist to the whole body. Most experts believe spray tanning to be the best way to get a sunless tan, and the best part about such tanning is that one does not have to expose oneself to damaging ultra violet rays. The smell may go away after showering, or may stick around for a few days. The reaction changes the skin color, so one does not have to worry about things like smear lines; also, if the products are taken from a well reputed company then that ensures that it will offer a color which looks precisely like a natural tan. Since the year 2000, spray tan has taken the world by storm and has offered the healthiest looking tan to both men and women. How To Maximize The Tan Apart from keeping the skin moisturized with the help of a water-based moisturizer, one must also exfoliate before using a spray tan. Also, before going in for a tan, its best to consult a professional to ensure there are no foreseen damages to the skin. However, most mists leave a starchy smell. . Several salons also offer a variety in the intensity of mists letting the customer choose the degree of darkening. Who Should Avoid Using It: Since DHA reacts with skin, some people may receive a very uneven and unattractive tan by using it. This mist consists of dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical which reacts with the dead skin cells of the body cosmetically turning them brown. Tasting the product is a bad idea. After getting the tan, it's advisable not to shower for at least four hours, to permit the dihydroxyacetone to take full effect. Hence, after a tan, the skin looks golden brown. Depending on the type of booth, the mist used is either oil based or water based.

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